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Kidnapping and abduction: serious problems in child custody

A recent news story about the alleged abduction of a teenage girl by her high school teacher made headlines all across America, and left many Colorado parents wondering how such a horrific event could happen. While cases of kidnapping and abduction do not always garner as much attention, they do occur at an unfortunate rate. In many cases, however, the parents are the kidnappers.

Child custody negotiations must cover the child's best interests

A divorce or separation can cause significant emotional hardship on the individuals who have chosen to end their relationship. Breaking a commitment that one has made to another is particularly difficult when the soon-to-be ex-partners share children. In Colorado, divorce or separation-related child custody proceedings must be driven by considerations that protect the child's best interests.

Child custody orders should serve the child's best interests

When parents in Colorado go through a divorce the details of their children's lives can be left up in the air. Moving from one parent's house to the other on a new schedule may disrupt the children's routines and leave them uncertain about their futures. Many children throughout Colorado have to adapt to child custody arrangements that were promulgated by family law courts during their parents' divorces, so it is important that such arrangements truly serve the needs of the kids they are intended to support.

We can advise you on your Colorado child custody situation

Unfortunately, divorce is often a hotbed of contentious issues. Spouses frequently have strong feelings on issues such as alimony, child support and property division. Few issues are more hotly disputed than child custody, however, for divorcing couples and separating unmarried couples alike. Add foreign governments and international travel to the mix, and things can really get heated.

Reality star's child custody fight heats up

As many people in Boulder County know, divorce or separation can bring seriously negative feelings to the fore. Of all the disagreements that can arise in a divorce or separation, among the most acrimonious are child custody disputes. People usually have strong feelings about the upbringing of their children. If people feel their wishes regarding their children's upbringing will not be respected, things can get ugly in a hurry.

Child custody dispute where parent left U.S. heads for conclusion

When Colorado parents decide that they will part ways, there are times when there will be a child custody dispute. It is unfortunate that some issues with child custody can expand into an all-out battle, but this is a reality that happens quite frequently. In some of these cases, it might evolve into a circumstance in which one parent moves forward with a relocation without the approval of the other parent. It might even become an international abduction. When there is a custody problem, having legal help to settle it is an imperative.

How does child custody work in Colorado?

When parents decide to split up at the end of a marriage or relationship, the issue of child custody will probably be foremost in their minds. Sometimes, parents are able to agree on a parenting plan that takes the best interests of the child into account. Other times, however, parents find that they cannot agree, and a judge or other arbiter must help with the decision. This blog post will share some general information about the child custody process in Colorado.

Social media during divorce and child custody

Social media has become a fact of life. Some Coloradoans use social media sites for emotional reasons, like venting their problems and seeking advice. However, social media users run the risk of over-sharing information during the divorce or child custody process. Here is how to avoid common mistakes associated with the use of social media during the divorce and child custody process.

What are the different kinds of child custody arrangements?

In any divorce or separation proceeding where children are involved, the issue of child custody very often becomes one of the biggest points of contention between the parties. Sometimes the two sides can agree on a parenting plan, but other times the assistance of a mediator or judge is required. This blog post will provide a brief summary of some of the different kinds of child custody. As always, legal help should be sought for more specific inquiries.

Issues with child custody and visitation rights in Colorado

Numerous challenges will inevitably arise when a couple that shares a child is no longer together. After parting ways, there will often be a child custody dispute regarding who will be the primary caregiver for the child. Even if there is a reasonable and amicable agreement when it comes to visitation rights, there can still be problems. If, for example, there is a vague order when it comes to parenting time or if one parent or the other seeks a child custody modification, it could lay the foundation for a custody dispute.