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Helping divorcing Longmont parents overcome fear of the unknown

Sometimes, fear of the unknown can keep Boulder County couples who are at the end of a marriage from moving on with the next chapter in their lives apart. Here at the Law Firm of Shea L. Burchill, P.C., we have over a decade of experience helping our clients find the right answers to some of the toughest questions in a divorce.

Your child custody arrangement: make it formal

In Colorado, where the last vestiges of the Old West are a matter of pride, folks can be tempted to seal a deal with nothing more than a handshake. When it comes to child custody matters, however, informal arrangements can be fraught with pitfalls. Child custody is a matter that you will likely have to work with for several years. Over a period that long, even the best relationship between ex-spouses can become strained and result in a child custody dispute.

What child custody can look like after divorce

All relationships have their ups and downs. Starting a family is certainly a positive and exciting event for married couples in Colorado. And to go with the up, comes one of the most devastating downs, which is divorce. With the national divorce rate hanging around 50 percent, many married couples are aware of this potential fate. However, no statistic or fact can prepare divorcing parents for the difficulties divorce and child custody can have on them.

Don't try to handle child custody matters alone

A divorce is one of the most stressful experiences anyone can go through. From the emotional impact to the great uncertainty involved, there are many elements of the situation that are hard to cope with. When children are involved, however, all of that stress and uncertainty can be magnified.

Understanding child custody

The most sensitive and emotionally trying legal issue in many divorces is child custody. Coming to a just division of parenting time can spark and ignite some unpleasant feelings and emotions, but it is important to be remain collected through this process. It is important to remember that this process is about the child, and the court will decide matters based on its interpretation of the best interest of the child.

Parental responsibilities can vary based on facts of custody case

How children will be raised and shared between their parents is often a major concern for Colorado residents who choose to go through divorce. In Colorado courts are involved in the process of ensuring that the divorce litigants understand their parental responsibilities, otherwise understood as their custodial rights, during and after their marriages have ended.

Will my child's wishes be considered in a child custody case?

When a Colorado family splits up due to parental separation or divorce, the weight that the children must bear can be extraordinary. In some cases, children may have to move out of the homes they have known their entire lives or split their time between the households of their mother and father. Children forced into these sometimes ugly legal situations can have strong opinions about how they would like their custodial matters handled.

We advocate for parents in child custody cases

Last week, this family law blog discussed the very personal and very emotional saga that a popular musician had to pursue in order to win custody of his young son. From the rich and famous to the hard working Coloradoans who do what they can to make ends meet, anyone can find themselves embroiled in a child custody battle if they cannot find an agreement with their children's other parent. Like other types of family law disputes, child custody cases can be draining and emotionally taxing and can leave participants with legal agreements and orders that do not reflect their wishes and needs.

Paul Anka wins custody of minor son

Paul Anka is well known for his songwriting prowess and smooth singing voice, but recently the 75-year-old celebrity has been in the news for a very sad, personal reason: fighting for the custody of his 11-year-old son. Colorado residents may have heard that Anka and his ex-wife, the child's mother, had been battling over the boy's custody and had not come to a resolution outside of court.

Kidnapping and abduction: serious problems in child custody

A recent news story about the alleged abduction of a teenage girl by her high school teacher made headlines all across America, and left many Colorado parents wondering how such a horrific event could happen. While cases of kidnapping and abduction do not always garner as much attention, they do occur at an unfortunate rate. In many cases, however, the parents are the kidnappers.