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High Asset Divorce Archives

Men are frequently blindsided by the decision to divorce

Divorce in Colorado is often portrayed as a rising crescendo of negative events and issues during a marriage that ultimately results in a parting of the ways. However, just as relationships will differ, so too will the reasons for a dispute that leads to the couple deciding to divorce. For men who are informed by their wives that they want a divorce, it can come without warning. Knowing what signs to look for when there is a chance of divorce is an opportunity to perhaps save the marriage. But if that is not possible, it is a chance to be prepared for that which will come to the forefront during the divorce and to seek advice from a lawyer.

Common mistakes made during the divorce process

When Colorado couples decide to end their marriage, it is not a choice they take lightly. The litany of issues that sparked the marriage coming undone will have reached a point where they can no longer ignore them and hope they get better. While some marriages are rife with dispute and others are more agreeable, there are certain factors that can be exceedingly costly during the process. When getting a divorce, it makes sense to recognize these mistakes that others have made and take steps to avoid them.

Founder of prominent website in high asset divorce with wife

People in Colorado and across the nation who seem to "have it all" with wealth and all the benefits of being a high-profile couple can experience marital strife. For many, this will result in a divorce. A high asset divorce has different concerns for the parties and these must be mitigated as the process moves forward. Even in cases where the couple proclaims their friendship and that they plan to avoid rancor and dispute in any part of the process can suddenly face concerns and struggles as the process moves forward. Even those who are of lesser means can take lessons from a high asset divorce.

January often sees a spike in divorce filings

Many Colorado couples who are considering a divorce do not do so based on a single incident. It is a wide range of issues that finally come to a head and spark the final determination that the marriage is unsalvageable and it would be better for everyone if they part ways. However, timing frequently plays a critical role in when a couple says that it is enough.

Couples in a high asset divorce must weigh tax issues

Certain issues in a Colorado divorce must be repeatedly discussed due to time constraints and the vastness of the impact they will have on a couple's future. One is the tax law that goes into effect on Jan. 1. Because the manner in which divorced couples who are paying alimony are taxed is set to change, it has led to a rush of people trying to complete their divorces before the year is over. Knowing why this is the case might spur people to be more agreeable to complete their divorce before year's end and it can help them to think about new strategies after the changes are implemented.

Married Colorado politicians set to divorce

Divorce is a difficult enough prospect for Coloradans without career and financial factors entering the mix. However, this is unavoidable with a significant number of cases. This can be a high asset divorce or a divorce of more modest means, but when it is a high-profile couple, there are considerations that must be factored in along with the basics of property division, spousal support, child support and more. Having legal assistance is one of the key factors to having all the necessary information and achieving a successful result.

High asset divorce couples could be impacted by pending law

Finances are often at the center of a Colorado high asset divorce. While that will often make for a contentious back and forth between the parties, the law can be taken for granted as a secondary issue. Now, with changes to the U.S. tax law set to go into effect at the start of the new year, those who have significant assets could have their circumstances impacted by the new law. With that, it is imperative to grasp how they can be affected and if there is anything that can be done about it. Having legal assistance is critical toward this end.

Understanding the decree in a Colorado divorce

Colorado couples who have decided to end their marriage and move on will have a lot to consider during and even after the process. The divorce is difficult enough with issues in dispute such as the division of marital property, child support, visitation rights and the emotional impact of a marriage reaching its conclusion. When the case is over, there will be a decree finalizing the divorce. Understanding facts about the decree is important and the parties should not ignore it.

Financially secure people can also divorce because of money

A Colorado divorce can be complicated and difficult regardless of the financial circumstances of the parties involved. The factors that lead up to the divorce can also vary based on the situation. But it can be useful to understand what problems are known to precipitate a divorce. Those who have financial security might think that money woes that might otherwise upend other marriages will not affect them. However, as new research shows, having money is often the impetus of a divorce. Having legal assistance with a law firm that understands the inherent concerns with a high asset divorce is an important part of a case.