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The importance of fighting for a fair property division

Boulder County residents who've been through a divorce know that it can be an exhausting experience. Among the most stressful parts of the process is the division of assets. In many cases the property division is negotiated, sometimes during a long and grueling mediation session. It can be tempting to cave in and give the other party what they want just to get the process over with. That may cause a feeling of relief in the short run, but the negative financial consequences can last for years.

How to protect college savings in the property division

Colorado parents going through a divorce have a lot to think about. If the kids are young, child custody, visitation and child support issues are probably foremost in the parents' minds. But parents also need to think about how they are going to pay for college-whether the kids' college years are just around the corner or a long way off.

Colorado man claims he threw away gold in divorce case

Divorce can be a stressful experience and in some cases can make people do irrational things. Recently a Colorado man claimed in his divorce case that he threw half a million dollars worth of gold into a motel dumpster rather than let his estranged wife have any share of it. If his story is true, it has to rank high on the list of stupid things divorcing spouses have done.

Prenuptial agreements can ease the pain of property division

There is nothing romantic about a prenuptial agreement. But more and more couples are entering into them nonetheless. Once the exclusive domain of the very wealthy, prenups are fast becoming accepted by middle class couples. A recent survey showed a 73 percent increase in their use over a five-year period. They are enforceable under Colorado law.