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Do grandparents have visitation rights in Colorado?

When parents divorce, they and the children are not the only ones affected. In many cases grandparents worry that they will no longer be able to see their grandchildren, particularly if their own child is not the custodial parent.

Effect on children is biggest regret of divorced parents

Colorado parents contemplating divorce often worry about the effect the dissolution will have on their children. This is understandable, and hardly surprising. In fact a recent survey of divorced parents shows that their biggest regret about getting divorced is the impact of the split on the children.

New study shows divorce affects younger children most

Colorado parents who've been through the process know that divorce is tough on kids. Now a new study shows that the effects, in terms of damage to the bond between parent and child, is most severe for young children. But the good news is that even if these kids carry lingering ill feelings towards their parents into adulthood, those feelings don't have an adverse effect on the kids' own romantic relationships.