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Fighting for alimony for Colorado stay-at-home spouses

Two-income marriages have long been commonplace in Colorado. But many spouses, both men and women, choose to put a career on hold and stay at home to raise the children. When these couples divorce, the stay-at-home spouse is often fearful for their financial future. After a few years at home, they may need some time to get back into the work force. In many cases they will also need to pursue some additional education or training to get their skills up to date.

Changes in the family will lead to changes in divorce

The American family, in Colorado as everywhere else, is undergoing fundamental changes. Experts say they are surprised by how rapidly the traditional family has changed. And they say the changes are far from over. Some of these changes in the family may lead to changes in the way people end their marriages.

What Supreme Court's gay marriage decisions mean for Colorado

The U.S. Supreme Court issued its long-awaited opinions on gay marriage late in June. In two opinions, the Court ruled the federal Defense of Marriage Act unconstitutional and cleared the way for gay marriages to go forward in California.