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In most divorce cases, settlement is preferable to trial

Divorce is a stressful enough experience. Going through a full-blown trial in front of a judge can multiply that stress exponentially. Fortunately, most divorcing couples in Colorado don't need to go to trial.

Splitting retirement plans with a QDRO in Colorado

For many Colorado couples, retirement plans are among their most important assets. In a divorce, the court may order that one spouse's retirement plan be split and a portion of the funds awarded to an alternate payee, who can be the other spouse or a child of the participant. For most plans, this must be done with a Qualified Domestic Relations Order.

"Crocodile Dundee" stars finalize divorce

Colorado couples who have divorced after a long marriage know how difficult the process can be. When the couple has accumulated a lot of assets, it can be even more complicated. Recently a high-profile couple in the movie business finalized their divorce after being married for 23 years. Fortunately for them, they were able to reach a settlement of their differences.

Prepare financially when divorce is on the horizon

When Colorado couples are facing the prospect of divorce, finances can be a significant worry. In a high-asset divorce, having complete and accurate information as to the state of one's finances is critical. Fortunately, there are things one can do to prepare oneself financially for the end of a marriage and a new life on one's own. A recent article on an investment website highlighted some things each party should consider.

Divorce can adversely affect a man's health

Colorado couples who are going through a divorce know that it can be a stressful experience. A divorcing couple faces potentially contentious issues like asset division, child custody and child support, while at the same time dealing with the end of a familiar family life.

As economy improves, divorce is on the increase

Many people in Colorado may not be seeing it yet, but economists tell us the economy is beginning to recover from the worst recession since the 1930s. As the economy slowly improves, things that slowed down during the recession are bouncing back - including the number of divorces.

What to do when divorce is on the horizon

Some divorces come as a complete surprise to one spouse. But in many cases, both spouses see it coming. Colorado readers who are in this unhappy stage of marriage would be wise to take some steps to prepare for the divorce. This is especially important for someone who has been financially dependent, in whole or in part, on their spouse during the marriage.

Filmmaker Michael Moore files for divorce after 21 years

Colorado movie fans are undoubtedly familiar with Michael Moore's work. The controversial Oscar-winning documentary maker's films include "Bowling for Columbine," "Sicko" and "Fahrenheit 9/11." His wife, Kathleen Glynn, was a producer on several of his movie projects. News outlets recently reported that Moore and Glynn are getting divorced after 21 years of marriage.