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How is paternity established in Colorado?

Determining the identity of a child's father is important for a number of reasons. Children need a sense of identity, and knowing who their parents are is important to their emotional well-being. It is also important to know who a child's father is for medical reasons, because the child may have inherited some medical issues from the father. The child may also be eligible for health insurance through the father's employer. Paternity will also establish the child's right to inherit from the father upon his death.

Boulder County tests softer approach to child support enforcement

Traditional child support enforcement, in Colorado and other states, imposes harsh penalties on parents who fail to meet their monthly payment obligations. Those parents have been labeled as deadbeats, had driver's and professional licenses suspended, and even been incarcerated for failure to pay child support.

Experienced counsel for child support enforcement cases

When parents divorce, child support is one of the most critical issues that must be resolved. Unfortunately, obtaining an order that sets out the child support obligation is often only the beginning of a long and arduous legal fight.

What can I do if I am unable to make my child support payments?

Child support obligations in Colorado are based on presumptive guidelines which take into account each parent's gross monthly income. Sometimes, however, a change in circumstances such as job loss or serious illness makes it impossible for a parent to keep up with the payments.

Setting child support in Colorado

In Colorado, a parent's legal obligation to provide financial support for their children does not end with divorce. Noncustodial parents will generally be ordered by the court to make a monthly child support payment to help cover the costs of raising a child.

Online photos get man busted for failure to pay child support

Colorado readers of this blog probably know that it's a good idea to be careful about what one posts online. One man in upstate New York found this out the hard way. He posted pictures of himself on a social media site, flashing large amounts of cash. Unfortunately, he was in arrears on his child support payments to the tune of about $18,000.

Former major leaguer owes $276,000 in child support

Danny Tartabull reportedly earned more than $33 million during the 14 years he played major league baseball, primarily with the Mariners, the Royals and the Yankees. The high earnings make it difficult to understand why Tartabull, now 50 years old and retired from baseball, is delinquent on his child support obligations to the tune of $276,000.

Lindsey Lohan's dad catches up on child support

Many Colorado readers have probably heard about the ongoing troubles of actress Lindsey Lohan. Recently her father, Michael Lohan, was in the news with some trouble of his own. It seems he fell behind in his child support obligations - to the tune of $30,422. Lohan, Sr. got out of hot water by writing a check in that amount to his ex-wife - after she brought a motion in court to have him held in contempt.

Booting cars is latest tactic in child support enforcement

In Boulder County, as in many other jurisdictions, collecting past due child support payments is often a frustrating task. Now a county in Michigan is trying a new tactic: instead of locking parents up in the county jail for failure to pay child support, sheriff's deputies will go to the parent's home and lock up their car.

Children over 7 most affected by divorce, study shows

It is hardly news to Colorado parents that divorce is hard on children. Now some new research sheds some new light on the effect of divorce on a child's academic performance and behavior. The research should be of interest to those involved in a child custody dispute or seeking to work out a parenting plan following a divorce.