Dedicated Representation In Family Law Matters

Do you feel like you’ve been running on a treadmill dealing with a divorce or another family law matter? At the same time, you may feel under pressure trying to maintain a job or parent your children. All of this can seem unimaginable, especially while trying to understand the legal elements involved in your family law dispute.

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Exclusive Focus in Handling Family Law Matters Throughout Boulder County

I devote the necessary time, talent and resources to each client’s case. I listen to my clients’ concerns and discuss all available options so they can make informed decisions. I then tailor my approach based on my clients’ unique situation.

I have sophisticated knowledge of Colorado’s divorce codes. I apply my knowledge and experience when preparing my clients for divorce litigation. I believe the best leverage is being prepared for litigation and open for settlement. As your family law attorney, I will take every measure possible to help you receive a fair resolution that protects you and your children’s best interests.

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