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Longmont High-Asset Divorce Lawyer

Even under the best of circumstances, getting divorced can be a difficult process. However, the complexity of a divorce can quickly escalate when a significant amount of assets is involved. If you are a high-wage earner or your spouse has a large-income base, you may fear losing everything from your divorce.

Offering Unwavering Support in High-Asset Divorces

Your financial future could be shaped by the turnout of your divorce. You need an experienced high-asset divorce attorney in your corner from the onset. I am attorney Shea L. Burchill with more than a decade of experience handling complex divorces throughout Boulder County, Colorado. I understand everything you have at stake and will fight vigorously to protect your financial interests. Contact my law firm to discover the value of working with an experienced Longmont high-asset divorce attorney committed to making your case a top priority.

Preparing High-Asset Divorces for a Favorable Trial Verdict

You and your estranged spouse may have separated on good terms, but all of that could change once the divorce process starts. That is not my goal and I take every measure possible to avoid an escalated divorce. But, I believe the best leverage in any divorce is preparing for litigation from the onset. This can help us be in the best position possible knowing conflicts can quickly arise in high-asset divorces.

As opposed to many divorce lawyers with minimal litigation experience, I thrive in the courtroom. This is in my roots. Before starting my own practice, I gained extensive litigation experience as the deputy district attorney for Weld County. I try every measure possible to help my clients avoid the expense of trial. But, I offer a detailed approach from the onset knowing the issues involved can escalate without warning.

Initially, I will work with you to understand the scope of your marital estate such as:

  • Real estate property – including your main residence, second homes, vacation homes or investment property
  • Business ventures – including private practices, sole proprietorships, family operations or limited liability companies
  • Retirement accounts – including stocks, pensions, 401(k) plans or Roth IRA
  • Collectibles – including race cars, jewelry, artwork and jewelry

In Colorado, marital property is divided equitably during the divorce process. Determining the true nature of marital property can be complicated in a high-asset divorce, if your separate funds were commingled with your joint assets.

I can work with an accountant to trace how your finances were handled and determine the value of your marital estate. Generally, any assets you owned before getting married and handled separately from your joint finances would remain in your name. You are entitled to an equitable distribution of any assets acquired during your marriage. This is not necessarily a 50-50 split. I will advocate for you to obtain an equal value of the marital estate.

Contact a Skilled Boulder County Complex Divorce Attorney

Based on my extensive experience, I can help you understand how the law is applied and what you can anticipate from the divorce process. But, this is your divorce so I will work with you to help you find solutions that make sense for you. Contact my divorce firm to learn how I can tailor my approach based on your needs and concerns.