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5 tips for choosing the right Colorado divorce lawyer

It is important for people who are divorcing to choose the right attorney to negotiate on their behalf, and guide them through the legal process.

Unfortunately, not all marriages are the happily ever after’s that people hope they will be. Often, married couples in throughout Colorado choose to separate and divorce. In these cases, people often look to divorce attorneys to help negotiate on their behalf, and guide them through the process. It can be difficult, however, for soon-to-be divorcees to know how to choose the right legal representative for their situations.

Get recommendations

The attorneys who people choose to represent them in their divorce proceedings often play an integral role in helping them to move past the end of their marriages. As such, there is more to choosing a divorce lawyer than just picking a name off a list or out of the phonebook. People who are considering divorce may find it of benefit to ask family members and friends who have gone through the same thing for recommendations. Additionally, other professionals, such as accountants and clergy members, may also suggest attorneys they have worked with, and know to be compassionate and capable.

Interview potential attorneys

The Huffington Post warns people not to hire the first attorney that they meet. Not all attorneys are the same, and thus, they may take different approaches to the cases they handle. Therefore, it is advisable for people to narrow down their list to three potential candidates. Then, they should research and interview these attorneys to look for red flags, and to decide which one is best suited to handle their cases.

Factors to consider

During interviews and initial consultations with their potential attorneys, people should get a feel for whether their personalities mesh. Additionally, they should try to determine whether each attorney will help them to achieve their goals.

When settling divorces, attorneys often negotiate equitable distribution, alimony, child custody and other family law issues on behalf of their clients. Thus, it is important that people consider whether or not an attorney will act in accordance with their wishes before hiring him or her. For example, an attorney who is too aggressive may burn bridges when a person is hoping to maintain an amicable relationship with his or her ex-spouse. By the same token attorneys who are too passive may not fight to ensure their clients receive their fair share of their marital property.

Get a feel for the support staff

Going through a divorce is often an emotional, and sometimes an isolating, experience for people. Attorneys often rely on their support personnel, including associates, investigators and office workers. As such, a CNBC report suggests people also ensure that the support staff of those attorneys they are considering hiring are also compassionate about their cases and situations.

Think about the costs

There is no set cost for divorce lawyers. Consequently, the fees that divorce attorneys charge may vary drastically based on numerous factors. For this reason, it is important for people to inquire about the fees of the lawyers they are considering. More magazine points out that people should choose attorneys that they can afford. Hiring a legal representative that is out of their budget may put them behind financially when they are looking to rebuild their lives.

Making a choice for the future

Having an attorney represent them in their divorce proceedings can ease the burden and stress that people in Colorado feel as they are dealing with the end of their marriages. Thus, it is important for them to make their decisions based not on an attorney’s record alone, but because he or she is right for their situations. A legal representative will explain their options, and look out for their interests.