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August 2012 Archives

Colorado foreclosure crisis may lead to more divorces

A sociologist has come up with some interesting research on the current economic recession and its effect on the rate of dissolution of marriages. While the divorce rate in this country has declined overall during the last thirty years, in states like Colorado that were hard hit by the foreclosure crisis, the current recession has seen a slight increase in divorces among people with some college education.

Men who divorce experience drop in income

It's no secret that divorce causes serious financial strain. A spouse going through a divorce in Colorado may be faced with legal obligations to pay spousal support and child support, which can set a person back financially. A new study is showing that in addition to these factors, divorce can actually cause a reduction in income, at least among men.

Couple splits $102 million art collection

When a divorcing couple in Colorado faces the issue of dividing their property, listing and valuing all the assets can seem like a monumental task. In high asset divorce cases, the task of property division can be exponentially larger.

NFL player ordered to pay back child support

Around this time last year, there was some speculation among Denver Broncos fans that six-time Pro Bowler Terrell Owens might be signed up to help the team's injury-plagued offense. Nothing ever came of it, and Owens is now retired. But Denver readers might be interested in a more recent news story involving Owens. In July of this year, he was ordered to appear in an Atlanta courtroom to face allegations that he had fallen behind in his child support obligations.