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January 2017 Archives

To what costs may child support payments be applied?

In its Expenditures on Children by Families report, the United States Department of Agriculture estimated that it costs more than $230,000 for the average American family to raise a child from birth to adulthood. Though Colorado families may spend more or less than that figure depending upon the needs of the children, the overall price tag of providing care for a child is overwhelming. When parents' divorce the costs of raising kids must be covered by the custodial parent's contributions as well as the noncustodial parent's child support obligation.

How is student loan debt divided in a Colorado divorce?

This family law blog has discussed Colorado's law of equitable division pretty often over the past few years. We've talked about how marital assets are divided up between the spouses in a divorce. Following the guidelines laid out in Colorado's statutes, the family law court will divide the assets in a manner that it understands to be fair given the specific circumstances. But many spouses these days also have a considerable amount of debt. How is this to be divided up?

Alimony documents and records should be kept

There are tax consequences for both paying alimony and receiving alimony. Payers of alimony usually get to deduct the payments on their tax returns. Recipients of alimony, on the other hand, generally must include the payments in their total gross income. As with nearly all tax matters, alimony payers and recipients will want to keep written records to show to tax authorities if the authorities start asking questions. This blog post will go into a bit of detail as to what documents should be retained by alimony recipients and payers in Boulder County.

We can advise you on your Colorado child custody situation

Unfortunately, divorce is often a hotbed of contentious issues. Spouses frequently have strong feelings on issues such as alimony, child support and property division. Few issues are more hotly disputed than child custody, however, for divorcing couples and separating unmarried couples alike. Add foreign governments and international travel to the mix, and things can really get heated.