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June 2013 Archives

Affluent women more likely to divorce

As women have achieved greater financial and career independence over the last few decades, an interesting trend has appeared: today, about two-thirds of divorces are initiated by the woman. The rate is even higher for women who are financially successful.

Divorce order signed for actors Jennie Garth and Peter Facinelli

Colorado readers who follow entertainment news may have heard of actors Jennie Garth and Peter Facinelli. Garth was a star of the TV series Beverly Hills 90210, and Facinelli had a leading role in the Twilight movie series. The couple, who were married for 11 years, commenced divorce proceedings about a year ago. Recently, a judge in Los Angeles signed the final order in the proceedings.

Prenuptial agreements can ease the pain of property division

There is nothing romantic about a prenuptial agreement. But more and more couples are entering into them nonetheless. Once the exclusive domain of the very wealthy, prenups are fast becoming accepted by middle class couples. A recent survey showed a 73 percent increase in their use over a five-year period. They are enforceable under Colorado law.

Clues that a spouse is hiding assets or income

Readers of this blog know that property division in a high asset divorce case can be a complex and emotionally charged proceeding, even when both spouses are making an honest and full disclosure of their assets. When one spouse is hiding income or assets, the asset division process becomes even more challenging. In a recent news interview a forensic accountant, who is often hired to find hidden assets in divorce cases, talked about the tell-tale signs of hidden assets and income.