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May 2017 Archives

Does child support include paying for college education?

Parents do not want their divorces to derail their children's dreams, and neither do the courts. For this reason, the best interests of the children are given incredible weight when matters, such as custody and child support, come up during Colorado divorces. A parent, who does not have physical custody of their child, often is required to pay support for the maintenance and care of that youth. And, they may have questions regarding just what that money may be used.

Kidnapping and abduction: serious problems in child custody

A recent news story about the alleged abduction of a teenage girl by her high school teacher made headlines all across America, and left many Colorado parents wondering how such a horrific event could happen. While cases of kidnapping and abduction do not always garner as much attention, they do occur at an unfortunate rate. In many cases, however, the parents are the kidnappers.

Do you know what will happen to your assets if you divorce?

Coloradoans have spent their entire life working for their future. Every paycheck, every investment and every sacrifice that they made has been toward the dream of someday retiring and living their life without the daily commitment of a job. It is a common story and for those who have made it happen, it can be a dream come true to experience.

Television star files for divorce from spouse of four years

Keeping a marriage together can take a lot of work and while only the partners to each ending marriage know exactly why their union must dissolve, it is important to remember that a divorce can strike relationships between individuals of all socioeconomic levels. In fact, while money can be a factor that causes stress and concern, some Colorado marriages may be a factor that brings down other committed marital unions.