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March 2017 Archives

How pets affect property division during a divorce

Last week, this Longmont family law blog discussed the importance of understanding the value of one's marital and separate property prior to filing for divorce. The failure of a party to understand the scope of their assets may limit them from leaving their marriage with adequate financial power to thrive on their own. However, as many readers may know, not all property is valued with a price tag. There are some items of personal property that may not monetarily be worth much, but mean much to the hearts and sentiments of their owners.

Valuation is an important part of the property division process

Colorado property division law recognizes equitable distribution as the means a court must follow when determining how a couple may split their marital debts and assets. After the individuals to the ending marriage have agreed which items should be treated as separate or individual property, they may begin the sometimes difficult process of negotiating for the items they jointly owned. In Boulder County and the rest of the state, equitable distribution dictates that the division must be fair rather than equal.

Alimony can be essential to moving forward after divorce

In Colorado, people take a lot of pride in becoming self-made men and women. However, rarely does an individual meet his or her path to success completely on their own. Often the support of a loving spouse is necessary to allow that individual to make the personal sacrifices they need in order to achieve their goals.

Can I get alimony from my ex if I have a job?

There are a number of factors that a Colorado court will look at when deciding if a party should be awarded alimony after a divorce. Primarily, the court will assess if the party requesting support can take care of themselves without the other spouse's income and if the spouse who would be responsible for the alimony payments can afford to make them while taking care of themselves as well.

Child support obligations can end in diverse ways

Child support is an important way that a noncustodial parent may provide for their children. In Colorado, child support is imposed through agreements and orders set forth by family courts. Many support agreements and orders include provisions regarding how the paying parent's obligation will eventually end, though this post will discuss in general some of the means by which a parent may be relieved of their child support mandate.