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February 2019 Archives

Men are frequently blindsided by the decision to divorce

Divorce in Colorado is often portrayed as a rising crescendo of negative events and issues during a marriage that ultimately results in a parting of the ways. However, just as relationships will differ, so too will the reasons for a dispute that leads to the couple deciding to divorce. For men who are informed by their wives that they want a divorce, it can come without warning. Knowing what signs to look for when there is a chance of divorce is an opportunity to perhaps save the marriage. But if that is not possible, it is a chance to be prepared for that which will come to the forefront during the divorce and to seek advice from a lawyer.

How to handle business assets in a Colorado divorce

Most Colorado divorces will have their ups and downs, but when property division is a factor because there are business concerns, it can turn into an extended dispute. Since owning and building a business frequently takes a lifetime of hard work and support, it is natural that the spouse who might not have started the business will want to receive an equitable division. In some cases, it was a family business that both parties played a significant role in. No matter the situation, understanding how to handle these issues is critical and a legal firm experienced in dividing business assets can help.

What if there is a failure to adhere to a parenting time order?

Parenting time is one of the most important aspects of a family law case post-divorce in Colorado. While most parents will adhere to the parenting time order and make certain the noncustodial parent has the time he or she is supposed to have with the child, there are still situations in which a dispute will arise. If a parent fails to comply with the parenting time order and the court has proof that it has occurred, there are certain steps it will take to rectify the situation. For those facing this issue, having legal assistance can help to settle the matter.

What is the advisory guideline for maintenance in Colorado?

One of the most common concerns for a Colorado couple when they divorce is how much spousal maintenance - also referred to as alimony or spousal support - will be paid from one spouse to the other. There are many factors that are considered when determining how much maintenance will be. The basics such as how marital property was allocated, what the financial situation and lifestyle was during the marriage, and more are part of the process. For some, however, there is the need to think about other considerations.

Common mistakes made during the divorce process

When Colorado couples decide to end their marriage, it is not a choice they take lightly. The litany of issues that sparked the marriage coming undone will have reached a point where they can no longer ignore them and hope they get better. While some marriages are rife with dispute and others are more agreeable, there are certain factors that can be exceedingly costly during the process. When getting a divorce, it makes sense to recognize these mistakes that others have made and take steps to avoid them.