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July 2017 Archives

Documents you may need if your ex stops paying alimony

Not every divorce will result in an award of alimony. After evaluating the petition of the requesting spouse, a Colorado court may determine if the requesting party will be financially disadvantaged after the marriage is over and if they will need support from their ex in order to maintain their livelihood. While many households now thrive on two incomes and marital parties are on relatively more even financial footing than they historically were, alimony payments are a necessary part of many divorce settlements to ensure that each party can survive on their own.

We advocate for parents in child custody cases

Last week, this family law blog discussed the very personal and very emotional saga that a popular musician had to pursue in order to win custody of his young son. From the rich and famous to the hard working Coloradoans who do what they can to make ends meet, anyone can find themselves embroiled in a child custody battle if they cannot find an agreement with their children's other parent. Like other types of family law disputes, child custody cases can be draining and emotionally taxing and can leave participants with legal agreements and orders that do not reflect their wishes and needs.

Paul Anka wins custody of minor son

Paul Anka is well known for his songwriting prowess and smooth singing voice, but recently the 75-year-old celebrity has been in the news for a very sad, personal reason: fighting for the custody of his 11-year-old son. Colorado residents may have heard that Anka and his ex-wife, the child's mother, had been battling over the boy's custody and had not come to a resolution outside of court.