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March 2019 Archives

A lawyer can help with child support modifications

A contentious issue in many Colorado divorces is the amount of child support that is paid. The dispute can come from the perspective of the custodial or the noncustodial parent. No parent will want to deprive a child of what he or she needs to live a comfortable life and have all the items necessary to serve the best interests. However, there are situations where the amount ordered is no longer fair. To achieve the modification or to prevent a change, having legal help is a must.

Dealing with the division of business assets when divorcing

Coloradans going through a divorce will have many considerations to think about as the case moves forward. For those who were involved in a family-owned business, the division of the business assets can be complicated and difficult. Since this property often has significant value, having legal assistance from the beginning is one of the most critical factors in reaching an acceptable resolution.

How does voluntary unemployment impact spousal support?

When there is a divorce in Colorado, spousal support will inevitably be an important part of the case. The paying spouse will be obligated to pay a certain amount to the receiving spouse. This is contingent on many factors including how much the receiving spouse needs to maintain the same lifestyle as he or she had during the marriage and how much the paying spouse can afford to pay while maintaining his or her own needs.