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January 2015 Archives

Bill would reconcile gay marriage and civil unions in Colorado

When a U.S. Supreme Court ruling overturned Colorado's same-sex marriage ban last October, it was cause for celebration by proponents of marriage equality. But the legalization of same-sex marriage has created some potential legal issues for couples who had previously entered into civil unions in Colorado and who are now married or plan to marry.

How Colorado courts determine parenting time

Child custody and visitation rights are often the most emotional and difficult issues for parents going through divorce. In Colorado, the legislature some years ago adopted the terms "parenting responsibilities" to encompass all the duties parents owe their children, and the term "parenting time" to refer to how much time the child spends with each parent.

Fighting for alimony for Colorado stay-at-home spouses

Two-income marriages have long been commonplace in Colorado. But many spouses, both men and women, choose to put a career on hold and stay at home to raise the children. When these couples divorce, the stay-at-home spouse is often fearful for their financial future. After a few years at home, they may need some time to get back into the work force. In many cases they will also need to pursue some additional education or training to get their skills up to date.

Boulder County tests softer approach to child support enforcement

Traditional child support enforcement, in Colorado and other states, imposes harsh penalties on parents who fail to meet their monthly payment obligations. Those parents have been labeled as deadbeats, had driver's and professional licenses suspended, and even been incarcerated for failure to pay child support.