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June 2018 Archives

When is a premarital agreement unenforceable in a divorce?

Colorado couples who have one or both spouses being of significant means will often want to have a premarital agreement as a means of protection if the marriage does not last. The premarital agreement must adhere to the law when it is written and completed, otherwise it could be declared invalid. There are certain foundational requirements for a premarital agreement that should be considered when there is a divorce and the validity of the agreement is in dispute. Understanding the law when it comes to a premarital agreement is imperative.

People in Colorado who divorce may have fewer assets to retire on

The emotional and personal factors that are part of a Colorado divorce are frequently the most talked about issues, but property division is something that can be a bigger problem over the long term. As part of property division, the separation of assets can be complex and worrisome. Retirement accounts are a notable concern, as the chance of not having enough to retire on increases after a divorce. Understanding how finances are affected and, in certain categories, not affected is key when ending a marriage.

When does emancipation occur to end child support?

When a parent is paying child support, one of the most important things to remember as the child begins to reach legal age for adulthood is when the payments will stop. This is also referred to as emancipation, meaning that the child can technically support him or herself. When the child is an adult, the child support payments will end.

Getting the right help with child support in Colorado

Divorce can be difficult for couples in Colorado, but there are times when it is necessary. Along with a divorce will come other issues that must be navigated. One that often arises for discussion and disagreement is child support. For the parents, it is imperative that they understand how the best interests of the child are paramount.