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August 2016 Archives

What are the tax consequences of alimony payments?

When folks in Longmont think about the obligations that a divorced person might have, alimony will likely be among the first things thought of. The truth is that alimony orders are less common today than they were in the past. Still, if spouses were married for a long time before a divorce, or if one of the spouses left the workforce to care for children or otherwise take care of the household, there is a decent chance that the other spouse will be ordered to pay alimony.

How does child custody work in Colorado?

When parents decide to split up at the end of a marriage or relationship, the issue of child custody will probably be foremost in their minds. Sometimes, parents are able to agree on a parenting plan that takes the best interests of the child into account. Other times, however, parents find that they cannot agree, and a judge or other arbiter must help with the decision. This blog post will share some general information about the child custody process in Colorado.

Property interests can be contentious for divorcing spouses

Many people in Boulder County have probably heard that the divorce rate has gone up lately among people aged 50 and older. This means that many people who thought that they were well on their way to "happily ever after" either find themselves considering divorce or find themselves served with divorce papers. How did this happen and what does it mean for each person's property interests?

Is my inheritance subject to equitable distribution in a divorce?

Many people in Longmont have had the experience of inheriting money or property from someone. Whether the benefactor is a parent or a distant relative you barely knew, the inheritance probable came after that person's death. There is a good chance that the question will come up regarding what happens to inherited property during a divorce.

Challenges with the child support program

Parents in Colorado and other states across the nation base many of their decisions on the best interests of their children, whether it is a major or minor life event. However, when it comes to the financial needs of a child, a parent will often work endlessly to ensure that these needs are met. This is especially true during and after a divorce. While a divorce order might detail a certain amount owed to a custodial parent, if the noncustodial parent fails to pay child support, this presents challenges for everyone involved.