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June 2016 Archives

What are the Colorado child support guidelines?

Whenever a court is called upon to devise or approve a child support plan, it takes the best interests of the child into account. In Colorado, courts use the child support guidelines -- written into state law -- to assist with making this determination. Each child support situation is different, thus, a blog post, such as this one, cannot give a definitive answer to the question of how much child support a parent may be asked to pay or receive. Still, the guidelines are generally applicable, and parents may find it helpful to have a 10,000 foot view of how they work.

Any item of marital property can be subject to property division

Divorce can be full of issues, any one of which can erupt into an unpleasant conflict between the parties. Child support, child custody, spousal maintenance and others can all be thorny issues for Longmont residents. Not least of these issues is property division.

Get professional assistance with your spousal maintenance issue

Under Colorado law, courts are to make an equitable division of the marital assets of a divorcing couple. One way this might be done is through spousal maintenance payments from one ex-spouse to the other. Spousal maintenance is also known as alimony and can be a controversial topic.

What are the different kinds of child custody arrangements?

In any divorce or separation proceeding where children are involved, the issue of child custody very often becomes one of the biggest points of contention between the parties. Sometimes the two sides can agree on a parenting plan, but other times the assistance of a mediator or judge is required. This blog post will provide a brief summary of some of the different kinds of child custody. As always, legal help should be sought for more specific inquiries.

High-profile couple chooses to divorce

A wealthy couple parting ways in Colorado can often mirror the numerous marriage dissolution issues that accompany a high-profile couple in the public eye. Any divorce is liable to be contentious with a variety of factors that go into how long it takes to settle. A divorce in which there is a complex asset division, well-known people and allegations going back and forth will be more difficult than a situation of a couple that has limited properties and can simply recede into the background without great attention paid to what is happening.

New Colorado law affects child support requirements

One of the leading ways resources are provided to single parents and divorced parents in Colorado is the child support program. Noncustodial parents are expected to meet any child support obligation they may have. Custodial parents, on the other hand, have usually been expected to apply for child support benefits when they apply for government-funded programs. A recent change in Colorado law means that this requirement doesn't always apply to everyone, however.