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August 2015 Archives

Frozen embryos: the new frontier in property division?

As this blog has discussed a number of times, property division can be an emotionally charged part of any Colorado divorce. Dividing the assets acquired over years of marriage can be a difficult and distressing task. Now some courts are wrestling with a new kind of asset brought into being by modern reproductive technology: frozen embryos.

Divorce can have health benefits

Many people in Colorado probably assume that divorced people are more likely to have poor health in their later years. Research studies have supported the conclusion that those who never marry do have a higher risk of poor health. But a new study shows that the health of people who have been divorced and then remarried is, on average, almost as good as those who have remained married. In fact, there is evidence that for some people, divorce can actually have health benefits.

Property division is a special concern when older couples divorce

Much has been written in recent years about the so-called "grey divorce" trend. As the baby boomer generation ages more couples over 50 are getting divorced. Divorce late in life raises special issues, especially when it comes to property division.

How are restricted stock and stock options treated in a divorce?

Many married couples in Longmont amass a variety of assets over time. Some of these assets come in the form of job benefits, such as restricted stock and stock options. And, just like any other property gained during the marriage, restricted stock and stock options may be subject to property division in the event of a divorce. Therefore, it may help those who own these assets to gain a better understanding about how they can be handled in a divorce.