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May 2016 Archives

Some tips for handling marital property during a marriage

Although it's certainly not the most romantic course of action to take at the beginning of a marriage, it can pay for new spouses and spouses-to-be in Colorado to put some thought into how to treat their assets and property before and during their marriage. Most people are aware that about half of all marriages end in divorce these days, so it could be a very good idea indeed to be prepared. This blog post will provide some tips that may work for many spouses and couples. For guidance in handling a specific situation, legal advice should be sought from an attorney.

You need a strong advocate for divorce property division issues

Few things in life are accompanied by such a kaleidoscope of emotions as divorce. Some people are relieved that a bad marriage will soon be over; others may be shocked and dismayed at the end of the marriage. Often, these mixed-up feelings may be experienced by the same person at different stages of the divorce process. Clearly, if you find yourself in a divorce situation, you will want to entrust your legal representation to someone who can handle it with a master hand.

How does one request a spousal support modification?

If you pay alimony or receive alimony in Boulder County, Colorado, you may feel it's time to change the amount paid or received. Payers often wish to lower the amount paid, while recipients often want to raise it. Regardless of the exact circumstances, you may believe that a change is in order. How does a divorced person request a spousal support modification from a Colorado court?