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April 2017 Archives

What property is subject to division during a divorce?

As previously discussed on this divorce and family law blog, Colorado recognizes the common law and equitably divides property between divorcing parties. While a party generally will keep the separate property that they acquire before and during their marriage, they will see their marital property divided in a manner that the courts deem fair and equitable.

Length of alimony commitment can vary

When two people divorce, they can begin their lives as single individuals in different financial circumstances. Particularly when one of the partners to the ended marriage worked outside of the home and the other elected not to earn an income to support the family at home can the differences in their incoming wealth be exacerbated. In Colorado, a disparity in income between two formerly married people may result in an award of alimony to the lesser-earning person.

Can I ask for more child support for my child's medical needs?

Some insurance plans cover all of a child's regular medical costs, such as those associated with well-child visits and normal medical care. However, when a Colorado child suffers an unexpected illness or injury, they may have to see a doctor or medical specialist outside of routine appointments. These extraordinary costs may be uninsured or result in expenses that the child's insurance plan does not cover.

Child custody negotiations must cover the child's best interests

A divorce or separation can cause significant emotional hardship on the individuals who have chosen to end their relationship. Breaking a commitment that one has made to another is particularly difficult when the soon-to-be ex-partners share children. In Colorado, divorce or separation-related child custody proceedings must be driven by considerations that protect the child's best interests.