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November 2015 Archives

Many men today are too poor to pay child support

For the last two decades the image of the "deadbeat dad" - a father who has the income to pay child support but refuses to do so - has dominated public policy discussions regarding child support in Colorado and around the country. A crackdown on those fathers has largely worked, according to advocates who want to change the child support system. The problem now is that nationwide there are large numbers of men who simply don't have the money to pay child support.

A restraining order can protect a Colorado spouse during divorce

No one can predict exactly how a spouse will react to being served with divorce papers. Unfortunately, divorce can sometimes bring out the worst in some people. Divorce proceedings or child custody disputes can lead some people to make threats of violence against a spouse or threats to abduct the children. When this happens, it is critical for victims to understand their rights.

Can a child support agreement be modified in Colorado?

When a divorced or unmarried couple in Colorado shares a child, it is likely that one parent will have custody with the other parent paying child support. This can result in a child support dispute, with both sides having trouble coming to a consensus on the amount that is paid plus numerous other issues. Child support guidelines are in place to provide a roadmap as to how this will be dealt with, but oftentimes circumstances arise in which a supporting parent or a receiving parent would like to have the agreement modified.

Halle Berry and husband file competing divorce petitions

Halle Berry is probably well-known to Colorado movie fans. The actress was in the news recently after she filed for divorce from her husband - twice. Berry filed an initial petition under the alias "Hal Maria" and later filed a second, identical petition except that it used her real name. To further complicate matters, her husband, Oliver Martinez, also filed his own divorce petition the same week.