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December 2017 Archives

Should one be prepared for a high-asset divorce?

Last week, our blog took a look at the case of a multimillionaire couple involved in contentious, ongoing litigation over the end of their marriage. However, we want to remind our Boulder County readers that these issues can affect anyone, not just celebrities and business tycoons. Any high asset divorce or a normal divorce can quickly become a legal quagmire.

Challenges in high-asset divorce can take time to work through

The end of any Colorado marriage is a difficult time. As much as both partners may want to move on and start their new lives, sometimes, challenges in the divorce take time to work through. This is particularly true when the issues are contentious and require complex litigation. And, the scenario is compounded for couples in a high-asset divorce.

Understanding common-law marriage in Colorado (Part 2)

We will continue our discussion of common-law marriage this week on our Boulder County divorce law blog. With an understanding of the background of common-law marriage and how it generally works, let's look at what happens when challenges arise in a common-law marriage.

Understanding common-law marriage in Colorado (Part 1)

Last month, on our Boulder County divorce law blog, we spent some time on a story about unexpected complications following a common-law marriage. One former partner did not anticipate having to deal with property division issues because she and her former live-in boyfriend were never formally married. The story may have raised some more general questions for our readers about common-law marriage. Likely, the two most common questions were, "What exactly is common-law marriage, and how does it work?"

What child custody can look like after divorce

All relationships have their ups and downs. Starting a family is certainly a positive and exciting event for married couples in Colorado. And to go with the up, comes one of the most devastating downs, which is divorce. With the national divorce rate hanging around 50 percent, many married couples are aware of this potential fate. However, no statistic or fact can prepare divorcing parents for the difficulties divorce and child custody can have on them.