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October 2012 Archives

Census data reveals states with fewest and most divorced adults

If you ask ten people the key to a long-lasting marriage, you will likely get ten different answers. But one answer you may not hear is one suggested by U.S. Census Bureau figures: the state you live in may affect the likelihood of divorce.

Divorce after 50 is both easier and more complicated

As Colorado's Baby Boomer generation enters its 50s and 60s, many of their marriages are coming apart. Although the divorce rate overall has been going down nationwide, divorces of couples over 50 are actually on the increase. In 1990, 10 percent of divorces in this country involved couples aged 50 or over; today that figure is 25 percent.

Value of major league team at issue in high asset divorce

Colorado baseball fans may have heard of the prolonged and bitter divorce proceedings involving the former owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers and his ex-wife. The dissolution of marriage took place two years ago, but disputes over the property settlement have continued. Recently the ex-wife filed a motion with the court asking that the settlement be overturned on grounds of fraud.