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October 2018 Archives

Understanding the decree in a Colorado divorce

Colorado couples who have decided to end their marriage and move on will have a lot to consider during and even after the process. The divorce is difficult enough with issues in dispute such as the division of marital property, child support, visitation rights and the emotional impact of a marriage reaching its conclusion. When the case is over, there will be a decree finalizing the divorce. Understanding facts about the decree is important and the parties should not ignore it.

What if a child support dispute has parents in different states?

It is an unfortunate reality that when child support is ordered in Colorado, there will be situations where the supporting parent is late with the payments, does not make the payments in full, or does not make the payments at all. While there are steps Child Support Enforcement will take to get these payments, one child support dispute issue that is more complex is when the parents reside in different states. Understanding how CSE deals with this is key to getting those payments.

Financially secure people can also divorce because of money

A Colorado divorce can be complicated and difficult regardless of the financial circumstances of the parties involved. The factors that lead up to the divorce can also vary based on the situation. But it can be useful to understand what problems are known to precipitate a divorce. Those who have financial security might think that money woes that might otherwise upend other marriages will not affect them. However, as new research shows, having money is often the impetus of a divorce. Having legal assistance with a law firm that understands the inherent concerns with a high asset divorce is an important part of a case.

Key steps to take before filing for divorce in Colorado

Coloradans who have decided that their marriage is at its end will have a great deal to consider as the divorce process moves forward. Along with the emotional upheaval that inevitably accompanies a divorce, there are a litany of other issues that cannot be ignored. That includes children, support, asset division, marital property and much more.