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January 2019 Archives

Founder of prominent website in high asset divorce with wife

People in Colorado and across the nation who seem to "have it all" with wealth and all the benefits of being a high-profile couple can experience marital strife. For many, this will result in a divorce. A high asset divorce has different concerns for the parties and these must be mitigated as the process moves forward. Even in cases where the couple proclaims their friendship and that they plan to avoid rancor and dispute in any part of the process can suddenly face concerns and struggles as the process moves forward. Even those who are of lesser means can take lessons from a high asset divorce.

The complexities of sentimental items with marital property

In a Colorado divorce, the main issues that must be navigated generally involve support of a former spouse and children. Property division will also come to the forefront. Much of that involves tangible items about which it is relatively easy to formulate a monetary value. This can include motor vehicles, residential properties, investment properties and businesses. Other items are not so easy to assess. That includes collectibles, artwork and more. When couples are in dispute during their divorce and are unsure of how to value and adequately split properties in this category, legal help is vital.

Can grandparents receive visitation rights of grandchildren?

Custody disagreements in Colorado are often classified as disputes between parents who are getting a divorce or have already parted ways. However, there are other people in the child's life who will want to pursue custody and visitation rights. Frequently, this involves the child's grandparents. Various factors are key when determining if the grandparent can get custody and visitation rights and understanding how state law assesses these matters is crucial to all parties.

January often sees a spike in divorce filings

Many Colorado couples who are considering a divorce do not do so based on a single incident. It is a wide range of issues that finally come to a head and spark the final determination that the marriage is unsalvageable and it would be better for everyone if they part ways. However, timing frequently plays a critical role in when a couple says that it is enough.