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December 2013 Archives

Vampire Diaries stars' divorce simplified by prenup

Colorado fans of the TV series "The Vampire Diaries" may have heard by now that two of the show's stars, Paul Wesley and Torrey Devitto, recently decided to end their two-year marriage. In December the couple's divorce was finalized.

Effect on children is biggest regret of divorced parents

Colorado parents contemplating divorce often worry about the effect the dissolution will have on their children. This is understandable, and hardly surprising. In fact a recent survey of divorced parents shows that their biggest regret about getting divorced is the impact of the split on the children.

Colorado appeals court rules for same-sex parent in custody case

As same-sex relationships continue to achieve legal recognition in many states, including Colorado, new family law issues are created as the limits of old definitions and concepts are tested. One of the most important issues facing same-sex parents who split up is child custody. In a recent case, the Colorado Court of Appeals made an important ruling, stating that a parent who loved and cared for her child, but was not a biological parent or legal adoptive parent, could still be considered a legal parent and could seek custody rights.

More stay-at-home husbands means more men will get alimony

The last several decades have seen a significant growth in the number of women in the workforce, in Colorado and throughout the country. But the highest levels of some industries are still dominated by men. One of these industries is banking. A recent news article focused on a group of women who have broken into the top ranks of the financial industry, and found that many of them got there in part because they have an advantage many of the men take for granted: a stay-at-home spouse.

Changes in the family will lead to changes in divorce

The American family, in Colorado as everywhere else, is undergoing fundamental changes. Experts say they are surprised by how rapidly the traditional family has changed. And they say the changes are far from over. Some of these changes in the family may lead to changes in the way people end their marriages.