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December 2018 Archives

When can gross income be adjusted when determining child support?

In Colorado, when a couple gets a divorce and the determination is made how much the noncustodial parent will pay the custodial parent in child support, there are many factors that will be considered. The parents' income will weigh heavily on how much is paid and received. One issue that can have a significant impact on the income determination and whether there will be adjustments to gross income is if there are other children who a parent is legally responsible for, but is not the legal responsibility of the other person in the current case.

Couples in a high asset divorce must weigh tax issues

Certain issues in a Colorado divorce must be repeatedly discussed due to time constraints and the vastness of the impact they will have on a couple's future. One is the tax law that goes into effect on Jan. 1. Because the manner in which divorced couples who are paying alimony are taxed is set to change, it has led to a rush of people trying to complete their divorces before the year is over. Knowing why this is the case might spur people to be more agreeable to complete their divorce before year's end and it can help them to think about new strategies after the changes are implemented.

How does the court handle child custody in abduction situations?

Not all Colorado divorces are easy and child custody is one of the most fundamental areas in which there can be an ongoing and contentious dispute. For some, there is a very real concern that abduction or international abduction can take place. Once a child is taken out of the country and the parent who committed the abduction is legally allowed to remain in that country, it can be difficult for the other parent to get the child back in a short period of time, if at all. The courts will make certain considerations under the law as to whether abduction is possible and take steps to prevent it.

Facts about employer income withholding for child support

Colorado parents who are ordered to pay child support will undoubtedly understand the child support guidelines, every day expenses and other concerns that go into it. For many, the supporting parent's employer will withhold part of the person's pay so it can go directly to the custodial parent for the benefit of the child. When the employer is taking part in income withholding, there are certain facts that the parents should understand. This is important in case there is a child support dispute or another issue arises.