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September 2012 Archives

Chad Johnson divorce is finalized

Colorado readers may remember former NFL wide receiver Chad Johnson from his years with the Bengals, the Patriots and most recently the Dolphins. But Johnson, who formerly went by the name Chad Ochocinco after his jersey number (85), has been in the news recently for other reasons. This summer he was arrested and charged with domestic abuse following an incident in which he allegedly head-butted his wife during an argument. His wife filed for divorce right after that incident. Now, just over a month later, the divorce has been finalized.

Reunification problems lead to military divorces

Colorado readers are aware of the sacrifices military men and women make in the service of our country. But many people are probably not aware of a little-known casualty of military service: military marriages. In all branches of the military the divorce rate is higher than it has been in over a decade. Nearly 30,000 marriages involving service members ended in divorce last year.

New child support enforcement tactics pay off

For a Colorado parent who is awarded custody of a child, obtaining an order requiring their former spouse to pay child support is sometimes only half the battle. If the other parent defaults on the payments, collection of the delinquent payments can sometimes be difficult. Recently the state of Maryland instituted changes in its efforts to enforce child support obligations, with dramatic results. The lessons learned there may be of interest to readers in Colorado.

Study shows men drink more, women less, after divorce

It goes without saying that divorce is one of the most stressful experiences life can present. Colorado couples going through the divorce process may have to deal with contentious property division, child custody and child support disputes-not to mention the stress caused by starting life anew without the familiar landmarks of family life. In a high-asset divorce these stressors may be magnified as the parties deal with the division of real estate, business assets and retirement plans. So we would probably assume that both men and women drink more, on average, after a divorce.