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June 2015 Archives

Courtroom experience makes a difference in divorce cases

In any type of litigation, trial experience is a big advantage. This is especially true in family law. Getting a fair result in a divorce, asset division, child custody or child support proceeding is not just a matter of filling out the right forms and filing them with the court. Sometimes a Colorado spouse or parent has to fight for their rights, and this means going to court, presenting evidence and cross-examining the other party and their witnesses.

How much can one claim on an ex's Social Security after divorce?

Many divorced people in Colorado are probably unaware that they can collect Social Security benefits based on their ex-spouse's record. There are some requirements for eligibility: the marriage must have lasted at least ten years; the couple must be divorced for at least two years; and the ex-spouse seeking the benefits must be single. We discussed this issue in a blog post earlier this year; in this post we'll take a more detailed look at the amount one can claim and whether there is any effect on the ex-spouse.

Fighting for parents in international abduction cases

International child abduction cases are more common than many people realize. A recent post in this blog told the story of a Colorado man who fought for years to bring his daughters home after their mother took them to Argentina in defiance of a court order. Parents whose children are illegally taken to a foreign country can be devastated by grief and may feel their situation is hopeless. Fortunately, there are legal processes available to prevent international child abduction, and to bring children home when it occurs.