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March 2018 Archives

What is considered with the length and amount of alimony?

Divorce in Colorado can be a difficult thing to navigate, especially when one member of the marriage worked and the other either did not work or did not earn enough to support him or herself. Once the marriage is over and the couple decides to part ways, it is not unusual for one former spouse to be ordered to pay alimony to the other.

What factors are considered with property division in Colorado?

After issues regarding children, one of the biggest reasons for an ongoing dispute in a Colorado divorce is property division. Items that both parties believe they have a right to can range from expensive purchases like a home or a vehicle and extend all the way down to items of sentimental value that might have been a gift and both sides want to keep. Understanding the law when it comes to disposition of property is one of the key factors in settling a dispute over non-marital property, marital property, and property that might fall into the gray area as to whom it belongs.

Child support: deviations, FSR and duration

Child support is not a simple matter of the court determining the amount and the amount automatically being mandated and paid. There are various issues that must be handled such as differing circumstances warranting a deviation from the child support guidelines, what the Family Support Registry (FSR) does, and how long child support must be paid. Understanding these important factors is key to a case and should not be ignored by either party, the supporting parent and the receiving parent.

Important points about child custody in Colorado

For Colorado parents who are no longer together in a relationship, the needs of the child must be taken into consideration and treated as paramount. Often, child custody will be disagreed upon and a custody dispute will ensue. The courts will consider the best interests of the child above all else. Parents should understand various aspects of child custody, the child's best interests and how the case can be settled with as little disruption in the child's life as possible. Knowing the important points about how the courts deal with these issues is crucial to a favorable resolution for everyone.