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April 2016 Archives

Issues with child custody and visitation rights in Colorado

Numerous challenges will inevitably arise when a couple that shares a child is no longer together. After parting ways, there will often be a child custody dispute regarding who will be the primary caregiver for the child. Even if there is a reasonable and amicable agreement when it comes to visitation rights, there can still be problems. If, for example, there is a vague order when it comes to parenting time or if one parent or the other seeks a child custody modification, it could lay the foundation for a custody dispute.

Child support enforcement other than income assignment in CO

In Colorado, and across the U.S., a common way for parents who are supposed to be receiving payments to support a child to get what they are owed is through the various forms of income assignment by taking the money directly from the supporting parent's pay. However, there are other lesser-known ways in which a child support dispute over nonpayment will be settled by the state. Understanding them can help in getting what is owed.

Gray divorces still prevalent and may present special challenges

Baby boomers are living longer, healthier lives and possibly also, as a result, more are divorcing later in life which is referred to as "gray divorce." The number of couples divorcing over the age of 50 continues to grow. One in four divorcing couples today are over the age of 50 which is also a time in their lives that many couples are considering retirement. One study revealed that, between 1990 and 2010, the divorce rate for couples over 50 doubled.

An experienced advocate can be helpful with child custody matters

When deciding issues of child custody in the Centennial State, Colorado courts consider a number of factors. These include the wishes of the parents, the wishes of a mature child, the mental health of all parties, the child's level of adjustment to the community and the ability of each parent to encourage the sharing of love and affection with the other parent. The judge makes the call on child custody based on the best interests of the child. Thus, it can be important for a parent to have an experienced advocate working on their behalf to make their case to the judge.

How are child support obligations computed in Colorado?

When a Colorado family law court sets the amount of child support to be paid from one parent to the other, they will follow Colorado's child support guidelines in computing this figure. Readers may be wondering how this calculation is done. While a full account of the guidelines would be beyond the scope of this blog post, we will here offer a brief summary of how child support payments are determined.