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February 2013 Archives

Legalized weed may lead to custody issues in Colorado

When Colorado voters legalized the personal use of marijuana last November, they also unleashed a multitude of legal issues that have yet to be resolved. Among these issues are how state and local authorities should regulate the cultivation and sale of marijuana, how drivers can effectively be tested for driving under its influence, and how to deal with the fact that marijuana is still completely illegal on the federal level.

Baseball executive to pay maintenance to ex-wife

In Colorado, whether one party to a divorce should receive spousal support can be a contentious issue. Spousal support, called alimony in some states and often called maintenance in Colorado, is typically ordered to provide assistance to the recipient while he or she becomes financially self-sufficient.

Children over 7 most affected by divorce, study shows

It is hardly news to Colorado parents that divorce is hard on children. Now some new research sheds some new light on the effect of divorce on a child's academic performance and behavior. The research should be of interest to those involved in a child custody dispute or seeking to work out a parenting plan following a divorce.