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September 2014 Archives

What do Colorado courts consider when dividing marital property?

Ending a marriage in Colorado can require tying up many loose ends. Support plans must be finalized for children and former spouses. Paperwork must be filed to effectuate the divorce. Additionally, the many articles of personal and real property that individuals own must be divided and assigned when single households split.

Declaring financial independence after a divorce

Colorado readers who have been through a divorce don't need to be told it's a stressful experience. One of the worst stressors is the fear for one's financial future. Divorce means declaring independence and making a fresh start financially. It can be scary, but by getting organized and taking a few important steps it can be done.

How is spousal maintenance calculated in Colorado?

Although two-income marriages are probably the norm nowadays, there are still many marriages in which one spouse stays at home to care for children, or in which the spouses both work but one earns significantly more than the other. Because spouse's finances are typically intermingled, divorce can be financially devastating for a spouse who was economically dependent on the other spouse during the marriage.