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October 2016 Archives

Child custody dispute where parent left U.S. heads for conclusion

When Colorado parents decide that they will part ways, there are times when there will be a child custody dispute. It is unfortunate that some issues with child custody can expand into an all-out battle, but this is a reality that happens quite frequently. In some of these cases, it might evolve into a circumstance in which one parent moves forward with a relocation without the approval of the other parent. It might even become an international abduction. When there is a custody problem, having legal help to settle it is an imperative.

Can licenses be suspended for failure to pay child support?

When a parent is ordered to pay child support in Colorado and does not do so, there are certain penalties that the state can assess to make certain that the payments are made. Some of these penalties can make it exceedingly difficult to function in both their work world as well as their leisure activities. For example, the tactic of suspending or denying licenses can be effective to compel those who are either not paying child support due to a lack of funds or are not paying as a strategy in a child support dispute to make the payments or try to negotiate for a change in the order. The failure to pay child support is taken seriously and those who are not receiving what they are supposed to need to understand that this is an alternative to get what is owed.

Legal help with property division in Colorado

A Colorado couple moving forward with a divorce has a great number of issues that have to be considered. For many, it is not a simple matter of ending the union and moving on with their lives. It can even go beyond the family matters, if there are children, and how these matters will be settled. Some people have a business, large or small, that they have to consider during the divorce process. Property division can be a complicated situation with business assets, a complex valuation and the need to come to an agreement on an equitable division. This is why it is key to have legal help throughout the case.