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December 2015 Archives

The best interests of the child come first in custody matters

For a parent, addressing child custody issues is often the most heartbreaking part of divorce. After all, although the end of a marriage can bring on feelings of grief, the fact is that you, your spouse or both of you have made the decision to split up. But when kids are involved, the awareness that they did not ask for this, and will no longer live with both parents, can be devastating for both parents and children.

College funding can be an issue when Colorado parents divorce

With tuition expenses increasing every year, paying for college has become a serious issue for many Colorado parents. Many begin saving for college soon after a child is born. Some choose to open a 529 college savings plan, which has some tax advantages. But, when these parents divorce, careful planning is required for knowing what to do with the 529 plan and how to plan for the child's college costs.

Collecting Social Security survivor benefits after divorce

In a previous post we discussed the right of a divorced ex-spouse to collect Social Security retirement benefits based on the other ex-spouse's record. But, what if a person's ex-spouse is deceased? Can an ex-spouse collect Social Security survivor benefits? The answer is yes, as long as certain requirements are met.