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June 2017 Archives

Political power couple files for divorce

There is no formula that a person can use to determine if their marriage will withstand the test of time. Couples from all social and economic backgrounds file for divorce in Colorado each and every year and each couple brings with it to court the unique challenges that pushed their marriages to their ends.

Is a spouse is hiding assets during a divorce?

Though divorces are rarely considered easy, some divorces proceed with fewer complications than others. A divorce between individuals who have not had children and who have not comingled their assets may be completed with fewer negotiations and disagreements than one where custody, support, and property division battles are likely to occur between the divorcing parties. The presence of money and significant assets does not necessarily mean that a divorce will be hard, but often, Colorado residents who enjoy lucrative lifestyles may find that there are challenges in identifying and dividing their property.

Mortgages and liabilities present property division problems

When a Colorado couple works through a divorce, they must manage many difficult legal matters. The parties must determine if and how they will seek spousal support. If they have kids, the ex-spouses must establish a child custody schedules that will meet their kids' best interests and support payments that will be sufficient to pay for their children's needs. They must also decide how they will separate their marital property and handle the debts they took on as a couple.

A separate inheritance may stay separate during divorce

Often, individuals may consider if and how they should pass along gifts of money or property to those loved ones who will outlive them. When a Colorado resident receives money or property during the probate process, it is considered an inheritance. Although particular facts and circumstances may shift an inheritance from the sole property of an individual to the marital property of a couple, inheritances generally are considered separate property when it comes to dividing property during a divorce.

One may pursue financial maintenance from an ex

A flood of questions and concerns can dominate a Boulder County resident's mind when they decide to file for divorce. For example, they may wonder how their kids will take the news of their ending marriage or if they will be able to manage on their own. They may have concerns about their soon-to-be ex-spouse causing problems for them during the divorce process.