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October 2014 Archives

Same sex-marriage becomes legal statewide in Colorado

Many readers of this blog may be aware of the October 6 action by the United States Supreme Court, which effectively legalized same-sex marriage in Colorado. The high court declined to hear several appeals of decisions ruling same-sex marriage bans unconstitutional.

What can I do if I am unable to make my child support payments?

Child support obligations in Colorado are based on presumptive guidelines which take into account each parent's gross monthly income. Sometimes, however, a change in circumstances such as job loss or serious illness makes it impossible for a parent to keep up with the payments.

Colorado residency requirements for divorce

Like other states, Colorado requires a minimum period of residency in the state before you can file for divorce here. States impose these requirements to prevent parties from shopping around for the state that has the most advantageous laws for them, and then filing in that state. An initial step in any divorce is to make sure you meet these requirements.

Billionaire defends prenup in high asset divorce

In a high asset divorce, the enforceability of a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement is often a critical issue. It has become an issue recently in the divorce of one high-profile couple, billionaire hedge fund manager Kenneth C. Griffin and his wife. Colorado readers may know of Mr. Griffin as the founder and operator of the giant Citadel fund.

Setting child support in Colorado

In Colorado, a parent's legal obligation to provide financial support for their children does not end with divorce. Noncustodial parents will generally be ordered by the court to make a monthly child support payment to help cover the costs of raising a child.