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August 2018 Archives

Real estate and other marital property can complicate a divorce

It is especially true for Colorado high profile couples that end their marriage can be a complicated and costly matter. On a smaller scale, this is also a reality that people must face regardless of their financial circumstances. When a marriage is no longer working, the idea of divorce can be intimidating and worrisome. However, after children, financial matters are commonly the biggest problem that must be dealt with. Having a basic grasp over the financial sticking points in any divorce can help move the process forward and allow the couple to part ways with as little lingering bitterness as possible.

Important points about child support for service members

It is not unusual for Colorado parents who are paying or receiving child support to also be part of the U.S. armed forces as reservists or in the U.S. National Guard. Understandably, both parents - the supporting parent and the custodial parent - will have concerns about how the payments will be made in such a circumstance. The CSS (Colorado Office of Child Support Services) knows that people who are called to duty during these troublesome times in the U.S. could have various issues regarding the support. Knowing how the CSS handles this is key.

Do I need to provide security for a former spouse's maintenance?

When there is an order of spousal maintenance in Colorado, there are many different factors that must be considered by all parties. The obvious issues are how much will be paid, the duration of the payments and if it can be modified as time passes. Other issues will also be important, including whether the paying spouse will be required to provide security for the maintenance they owe. Knowing what the law says about this is important as the case is negotiated and decided.

Providing guidance during property division

Whether it was a marriage that lasted decades or just a few short years, spouses bring a lot to a marriage. And for each year of marriage, spouses bring more and more into the relationship. Because of this, property division can be a very contentious issue. No one wants to walk away from a marriage feeling like they do not maintain ownership of what is rightfully theirs. Thus, divorcing spouses in Colorado and elsewhere should take the time to explore their rights during this process.

Tax changes make it wise to think about the timing of a divorce

When a Colorado couple has reached the point when they can no longer remain together and would like to divorce, the emotional issues and other factors that have led to the dispute will often take precedence over practical matters such as when they should move forward with the proceeding. However, the timing of the when to file can be important, especially for couples with significant assets amid the new tax laws that went into effect at the beginning of the year. For people in this situation, understanding the best possible timing for the divorce can be key.