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May 2013 Archives

Handling a divorce alone may be a risky proposition

Colorado's First Judicial District, which encompasses Jefferson and Gilpin counties, has opened a self-help center to help litigants without attorneys negotiate the complexities of the civil court system. The center is located in the Jefferson Combined Court in Golden. It will assist self-represented parties in non-criminal matters, including divorce. The center will provide assistance in filling out forms, and information about ways to resolve disputes without going to court, as well as other services. In Boulder County, similar services can be obtained through Boulder County Legal Services, a non-profit organization.

Lindsey Lohan's dad catches up on child support

Many Colorado readers have probably heard about the ongoing troubles of actress Lindsey Lohan. Recently her father, Michael Lohan, was in the news with some trouble of his own. It seems he fell behind in his child support obligations - to the tune of $30,422. Lohan, Sr. got out of hot water by writing a check in that amount to his ex-wife - after she brought a motion in court to have him held in contempt.

Federal credit reform will benefit Colorado stay-at-home moms

A reform of the credit rules by the federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau highlights the financial vulnerability of women who chose to stay at home to raise children while their spouse brought in the income. The recent rule change also serves as a good reminder of the importance of spousal support (also called alimony, and known as maintenance in Colorado) in the event of divorce.

Addressing college expenses in property division settlements

A couple going through a divorce has a number of issues to deal with. If the couple has young children, one issue they will have to address is how to continue to save for the children's college educations after the divorce. Experts point out that the time to address this issue is during the divorce proceedings, as the couple negotiates a property division settlement.

Despite divorce, Jayne Seymour and husband focus on children

In Colorado, courts are diligent in protecting the interests of children when their parents divorce. In child custody determinations, the courts apply a standard that puts the best interests of the child first. Unfortunately, too many parents do not apply the same standard when they get involved in a custody dispute. Too often the children end up in the middle as the parents take out their animosity toward each other by fighting over issues of visitation rights and parenting time.