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December 2016 Archives

High-profile couple reportedly split, plan amicable divorce

Most folks in Colorado have probably heard horror stories of wealthy couples in divorce court. Recriminations and back-and-forth allegations can abound, and many suspect that each spouse is simply trying to grab as big a slice of the marital property as possible. Recently, however, the marriage of one high-profile couple hit the headlines not for any acrimony involved in their divorce but rather the apparent harmony.

How can a Colorado parent make child support payments?

Quite a few children in Boulder County depend on child support payments to cover everyday expenses such as food, clothing and school supplies. Everyone knows that child support payments should be made. What isn't so well-known is exactly how a child support payment can be made. This blog post will deal with this important topic.

How does Colorado treat community property from another state?

Longmont is a city that attracts people from all over the country. It's not unheard of for people to move here after having accumulated a lot of assets and other property in another state. This can sometimes present property division issues when married couples relocate here and then file for divorce. This blog post will provide a quick summary of the issues that can arise in this specific situation.

Factors Colorado courts consider in awarding alimony

Colorado law recognizes that the economic lives of spouses are often closely intertwined in marriage. In many cases, decisions made by one spouse imply complementary decisions made by the other, and spouses sometimes choose to forgo educational and earning opportunities for the good of the relationship. Since it can be hard to provide a specific accounting of the money value of each decision, Colorado law allows for spousal support to be awarded in some cases where one spouse can pay the support and the other spouse needs it.