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May 2014 Archives

NFL owner and wife agree to divorce settlement

Colorado football fans know that NFL team owners generally don't hurt for cash. So when one of them gets divorced, the chances are good that the asset division will be a drawn-out, contentious proceeding. But when Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay and his wife divorced recently, they were apparently able to work out a mutually acceptable agreement to divide their property. Their high asset divorce was finalized recently, and the two are now free to go their separate ways.

Prepare financially when divorce is on the horizon

When Colorado couples are facing the prospect of divorce, finances can be a significant worry. In a high-asset divorce, having complete and accurate information as to the state of one's finances is critical. Fortunately, there are things one can do to prepare oneself financially for the end of a marriage and a new life on one's own. A recent article on an investment website highlighted some things each party should consider.

Divorce risk higher when wife is seriously ill

Colorado couples know that there are many things that can put severe strain on a marriage. One of the most stressful is serious or chronic illness. While sickness, like hard times, can bring some couples closer together, it can pull others apart. A recent study from the University of Michigan shows the seriousness of the problem. Almost a third - 31 percent - of marriages in which one partner is seriously ill are ended by divorce.

Actions of in-laws can complicate divorce

When Colorado couples decide to divorce, it is best to make every effort to be civil and deal with the other side respectfully and fairly. Acrimonious divorces are expensive, time-consuming and ultimately destructive to families.