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November 2012 Archives

Many women lose health insurance after divorce

Unfortunately, divorce can often leave a former spouse financially worse off than when he or she was married. The division of jointly owned assets and the loss of all the financial advantages of marriage can leave many people under financial stress for a period of time after the divorce is final. Now a new study highlights an additional financial stressor that hits women in particular after divorce: loss of health insurance. The issue highlights the importance of obtaining a fair award of spousal support for a woman who will need to finance her own health insurance for the first time.

Recession saw fewer divorces

Many couples in Colorado have been hit hard by the economic troubles of the past five years. A recent study from Marquette University suggests that the recession may have actually kept some of those couples together. The study concludes that during the economic downturn that began in 2008, many couples postponed divorce, as houses and other marital property lost their value.

Stress and the "divorce diet"

A recent news article took note of a disturbing trend: many recently divorced women are suddenly much thinner than they were before. While it may be tempting to put a positive spin on this trend, the so-called "divorce diet" is actually a result of chronic stress, not a healthy desire to get into better shape.

Occupy Wall Street protester, banker get divorced

Sometimes when a couple divorce it is because their values and priorities have evolved separately, to the point they have little in common anymore. Such may be the case with the recently filed divorce of a Florida banker and a full-time Occupy Wall Street protester. And yet no matter how much a couple has drifted apart, if they have children they must continue to work together to raise them.

Judge unseals Mitt Romney testimony in divorce case

As the presidential election campaign draws to a close, Colorado readers might be excused if they are tired of hearing from the candidates. But some in Massachusetts wanted to hear more from Mitt Romney, although not as a candidate. A Boston newspaper and the ex-wife in a decades-old divorce case requested that the court unseal testimony given in the case years ago by the former Massachusetts governor and presidential candidate. Recently the court ruled that the records must be unsealed.