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July 2018 Archives

What are the requirements when filing to modify child support?

One of the most frequent topics for dispute when Colorado parents part ways is child support. This can be an endless cycle of problems for both parents. The supporting parent might not believe that he or she should pay as much as the order stipulates. The custodial parent could be under the impression that the amount is not sufficient for raising a child. It goes without saying that there are times when a parent does not make the required payments in full or is delinquent. For many, changing the amount via modification is possible. Understanding the basic information to do this is important to know whether it is worth pursuing.

Is mediation a way to deal with disputes over parenting time?

Divorcing Colorado parents in the middle of a dispute over visitation rights might have tried many different avenues to settle matters and come to a consensus without success. If this is the situation, and the couple wants to negotiate, rather than go to court, mediation is an alternative process to consider. Understanding how mediation works, and if it is right for the circumstances is step one before moving forward.

Having legal help is critical when dealing with alimony

At the end of a marriage in Colorado, some people will be faced with the legal obligation to pay spousal support - also referred to as alimony - to the other spouse. This can be a point of contention in a divorce as the amount, time for which it must be paid, and other factors will be in dispute. This is true from the perspective of the paying spouse and the receiving spouse. For spouses receiving alimony, they will want to receive what they believe they are entitled to. For spouses paying alimony, they do not want to pay any more than they deem necessary. This is when legal assistance is a must for both parties.

Tax benefits expiring for those in a high asset divorce

While ending a marriage should not be taken lightly, certain circumstances might make it more urgent to move forward with a case than at other times. This is especially true when it is a high asset divorce. Since those in Colorado with significant assets will want to ensure their property interests are protected, it is imperative for those who are thinking about a divorce to understand how the new tax plan might spur them to move forward with it more quickly.