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December 2014 Archives

Do grandparents have visitation rights in Colorado?

When parents divorce, they and the children are not the only ones affected. In many cases grandparents worry that they will no longer be able to see their grandchildren, particularly if their own child is not the custodial parent.

Hiding assets is never a good idea in divorce

In Colorado, when a couple divorces their marital property is split according to principles of equitable division. Marital property is all property obtained during the marriage by either spouse, with the exception of property acquired by one spouse as a gift or testamentary bequest.

Experienced counsel for child support enforcement cases

When parents divorce, child support is one of the most critical issues that must be resolved. Unfortunately, obtaining an order that sets out the child support obligation is often only the beginning of a long and arduous legal fight.

50 percent of marriages do not end in divorce

Just about everyone in Colorado has heard the supposed statistic that 50 percent of marriages end in divorce. But this particular piece of conventional wisdom isn't true, and hasn't been for some time. And the divorce rate isn't going up either. In fact, according to a recent news article, it has been declining for about 30 years.

Splitting retirement plans with a QDRO in Colorado

For many Colorado couples, retirement plans are among their most important assets. In a divorce, the court may order that one spouse's retirement plan be split and a portion of the funds awarded to an alternate payee, who can be the other spouse or a child of the participant. For most plans, this must be done with a Qualified Domestic Relations Order.